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Universitas Cordova

Overview of Universitas Cordova

Universitas Cordova is a prestigious private university located in the vibrant city of Cordova, Philippines. With its commitment to academic excellence, research, and community development, it has established itself as one of the leading institutions of higher education in the country. Universitas Cordova offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for students to pursue their passions, develop their skills, and make a positive impact on society. With its state-of-the-art facilities, esteemed faculty, and diverse student body, Universitas Cordova provides a nurturing environment for students to thrive academically and personally.

Founding History

Universitas Cordova was founded in 1990 with the vision of providing quality education and contributing to the development of the community. The university was established by a group of visionary educators and professionals who recognized the need for an institution that prioritizes academic excellence and character development. Universitas Cordova’s founding mission was to nurture students who are intellectually competent, socially responsible, and globally aware.


Universitas Cordova offers a diverse range of departments, covering various fields of study. Here are some of the prominent departments at the university:

– Faculty of Business and Management: The Faculty of Business and Management provides programs in business administration, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. It equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic world of business and contribute to economic growth.
– Faculty of Engineering: This faculty offers programs in civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer engineering. It prepares students to tackle engineering challenges and contribute to technological advancements.
– Faculty of Arts and Sciences: The Faculty of Arts and Sciences provides programs in communication studies, psychology, languages, and social sciences. It equips students with critical thinking skills, cultural understanding, and the ability to engage with complex social issues.

Courses Offered

Universitas Cordova provides a wide array of courses across its faculties. Here are some of the notable courses available:

– Business Administration: Courses in business administration cover subjects such as marketing, finance, human resource management, and strategic management. Students gain a strong foundation in business principles and learn to analyze and solve complex business problems.
– Civil Engineering: Courses in civil engineering cover subjects such as structural design, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, and construction management. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of civil engineering principles and develop practical skills through hands-on projects.
– Psychology: Courses in psychology cover subjects such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, abnormal psychology, and counseling. Students gain insights into human behavior, mental processes, and the application of psychological principles in various settings.


Universitas Cordova, established in 1990, is a prestigious institution that provides quality education and contributes to the development of Cordova and the surrounding region. With its commitment to academic excellence, diverse range of departments, and extensive course offerings, the university provides students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Universitas Cordova prepares students to become intellectually competent, socially responsible, and globally aware individuals who will make significant contributions to society. Through its dedication to education, research, and community development, Universitas Cordova is shaping the future and empowering the next generation of leaders and professionals in Cordova and beyond.

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