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Universitas Sunan Bonang

Overview of Universitas Sunan Bonang

Universitas Sunan Bonang (USB) is a prestigious private university located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Established in 1989, it is one of the leading institutions of higher education in the region. Universitas Sunan Bonang is committed to providing quality education, conducting research, and contributing to the development of the community and the nation. With its dedication to academic excellence, innovation, diverse range of departments, and extensive course offerings, USB stands as a prominent institution, shaping the future of education, research, and community development in Jepara.

Founding History

Universitas Sunan Bonang was founded in 1989 with the aim of providing quality education and promoting the values of Islam. The university was established by the Jepara Islamic Education Foundation, recognizing the need for an educational institution that integrates Islamic teachings with academic excellence. Universitas Sunan Bonang’s founding mission was to educate and develop students who are academically competent, morally upright, and capable of making a positive impact in society.


Universitas Sunan Bonang offers a diverse range of departments, covering various fields of study. Here are some of the prominent departments at the university:

– Faculty of Islamic Theology: The Faculty of Islamic Theology provides programs in Islamic theology, Islamic law, Islamic economics, and Islamic education. It equips students with a deep understanding of Islamic principles and values, preparing them to contribute to the development of the Muslim community.
– Faculty of Social and Political Sciences: This faculty offers programs in sociology, communication studies, international relations, and public administration. It equips students with insights into social dynamics, global affairs, and governance.
– Faculty of Economics and Business: The Faculty of Economics and Business provides programs in economics, management, accounting, and finance. It equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the business world and contribute to economic development.

Courses Offered

Universitas Sunan Bonang provides a wide array of courses across its faculties. Here are some of the notable courses available:

– Islamic Theology: Courses in Islamic theology cover subjects such as Qur’anic studies, Hadith studies, Islamic philosophy, and Islamic ethics. Students gain a deep understanding of Islamic teachings and principles.
– Sociology: Courses in sociology cover subjects such as social theory, research methods, social inequality, and community development. Students gain insights into social structures and dynamics and learn to analyze and address social issues.
– Economics: Courses in economics cover subjects such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and development economics. Students gain a strong foundation in economic theories and learn to analyze economic phenomena.


Universitas Sunan Bonang, established in 1989, is a prestigious institution that provides quality education based on Islamic values in Jepara and the surrounding region. With its dedication to academic excellence, innovation, diverse range of departments, and extensive course offerings, the university provides students with a comprehensive education. By emphasizing academic competence, moral values, and Islamic principles, Universitas Sunan Bonang continues to shape the future of education, contribute to the advancement of knowledge, and nurture the next generation of leaders and professionals in Jepara and beyond.

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